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B&D Sacred Katana

Classic Seal Point Siamese

Katana was the light of my life and the the reason I became a Siamese breeder. She was brilliant, affectionate, crafty, and had personality much bigger than any cat should. With rich sapphire eyes and stunning color, she would take people’s breath away when they first met her. Her intuitive “speech” made for interesting conversations and her company was invaluable. Katana passed away in Feb of 2010 of IMHA, which we suspect was a rare complication of a reaction to a vaccine. Katana– you will be forever in our hearts. We love you and will miss you.

B&D Sacred Samurai

Traditional Chocolate Point

Sam now lives the good life in a private home in Columbus where he worships his human Mommy, but never fails to be the center of attention. He is the sire of Sacred Tears of Isis.

Sugar’s Sacred Might of Hercules

Traditional Blue Point Siamese

Retired in Jan 2012, Hercules now lives in his own residence a few miles away, with his human servants (who wait on him paw and paw). He is the light of his owner’s daily life.