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Siamese Rescue

We are proud to support the SCRC – the premier Siamese cat rescue organization in the nation.  To see all of the great Siamese available, visit Siamese Cat Rescue Center!

We are former volunteers for the SCRC previously doing intake evaluation, transportation, and fostering for rescued Siamese. We believe that if you truly support a breed then you must be part of rescue efforts as well as reputable breeding programs.

Why are we no longer volunteers for SCRC?

We were SCRC’s top foster for years.  Prior to becoming a volunteer for SCRC, we fully disclosed that we permit (solely at the adopter’s independent discretion) our adopters’ to have their kittens (between 10 and 12 weeks old only) laser declawed by our incredible veterinarian at the same time of their spay/neuter.  (Note: We have never supported or permitted the Resco clipper method or the surgical disarticulation method of declawing.  These declawing methods may cause serious, post-surgical discomfort to that cat and may have serious complications – and should not be used!)  SCRC stated that they had a no declawing policy, but SCRC had no problem with our position for our cattery as long as declawing was not discussed or recommended for rescue adoptions – which never occurred.  After years of being involved with SCRC, a long-term volunteer viciously and repeatedly slandered our cattery and our veterinarian.  When we reached out to the SCRC executive director, she was, as always, very professional and took the slander by a volunteer seriously.

However, this caused our “it’s the cattery’s adopters’ choice for laser declawing” to be placed under a microscope and SCRC reversed their previous position.  So, we could either be hypocrites or liars by banning laser declawing of our cattery’s kittens and tell our cattery’s adopters that laser declawing is barbaric (like the Resco clipper method or the surgical disarticulation method of declawing) and has all sorts of complications – neither of which is true.  Or, we could resign from SCRC.  We chose to continue to be worth the trust placed in us by our cattery’s adopters and resign.

Here are some photos of our wonderful past fosters:

Volunteers Needed!

SCRC is always looking for new volunteers in all areas of the SCRC, especially in Ohio!

Want to save a cat’s life? Become a volunteer today and join Team Meezer!