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Sacred Tears of Isis

Sacred Tears of Isis

Sacred Katana of B&D x Sacred Samurai of B&D

Classic Chocolate Point Siamese

DOB:  April 10, 2008 PKD:  No known risk HCM:  No known risk FeLV & FIV:  Negative Breeder: Jamie of Sacred Siamese

Isis was the first kitten to be born from Katana–and the last. Katana’s first litter was marked by tragedy when the litter went late and had complications that led to her emergency c-section. Isis was the only surviving kitten and consequently became the spoiled baby of the house. She has all the fantastic qualities of her mother– intelligent, resourceful, devoted, affectionate, and very talkative. She is highly social and requires constant attention. She is definitely a “bed cat” and is seldom found elsewhere at night!

Where did her name come from?

Isis is the Egyptian Goddess who cried for Osiris, so her name was very appropriate in wake of Katana’s litter. The Egyptian goddess Isis was worshipped throughout Egypt, even from very early dates.

About the Goddess: Isis was considered to the patron saint of women, mothers and children. Additionally, ancient Egyptians referred to her as Isis the goddess of magic. It is told that she managed to trick Re into revealing his secret name to her and in doing so, Isis obtained many magical powers.

More photos of Isis: