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Sugars Kali’s Fire of Sacred

Classic Seal Point Siamese

  • DOB:  September 16, 2009
  • PKD:  No known risk
  • HCM:  No known risk
  • FeLV & FIV:  Negative
  • Registered: TCA

Kali is such a vivacious personality! Very vocal and sociable, she strives to be in human company at least 23 hours of each day. She loves to be held or carried, and no lap is safe in her vicinity. She loves everyone and everything equally and has one of the sweetest personalities of any queen I’ve ever had. She is also our smallest Siamese, weighing

Where does her name come from?

While she may be sweet now, as a kitten she was a fierce and wild little thing. She was loving, but gave the dog and all the cats no quarter. So she was named “Kali” for the Hindu goddess.

About the Goddess: Kali is one of the many forms of Shakti. Maha Kaali is the fiercest of all goddesses of Hinduism. The word Kali has its roots in the Sanskrit word “Kaal”, which means time. And nothing escapes from time. Goddess Kali is sometimes referred as the goddess of death. But actually Kali brings the death of the ego. Even in the scriptures, she has killed demons but not anyone else. Kali is also not associated with Yama (the Hindu God of Death). Kali is considered a form of mother too.

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