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Exalted Zeus of Sacred

Exalted Zeus of Sacred Siamese

Classic Lilac Point Siamese

Merlo of College Kitty x Stonefire of College Kitty

  • DOB:  March 2011
  • Breeder: Cindy Schoeder of Chicago Snowstorm
  • PKD:  No known risk
  • HCM:  No known risk
  • FeLV & FIV:  Negative
  • Registered: TCA (Colorpoint Siamese), CFA (Colorpoint Shorthair)

Zeus came to us from Chicago Snowstorm Cattery in Illinois and has been the delight of every human to set foot in this house. He is wickedly intelligent, incredibly social, and very bonded with both people and cats alike. He and Damian the doberman are best friends, playing  and wrestling often. He demands a minimum of 30 mins per day of being held and prefer to ride on your shoulder.

Where did his name come from?

As King of the Gods, it only made sense that Zeus would be King of Sacred Siamese. We intend to make him the cornerstone of our breeding program, infusing healthy Colorpoint genetics into the traditional Siamese to maintain the old world style head and body shape.

Zeus is also a wonderful father, as shown below, spending many hours with the kittens.

Additional photos of Zeus: