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Purchasing a Kitten

My breeding philosophy is this:

First I breed for personality. Your pets are, first and foremost, part of your family, and providing you with the perfect fit for your family is my top priority. My socialization program is second to none– a carefully crafted series of stimuli and environments designed to teach your kitten how to be outgoing, well-behaved, social, and engaging with their humans. I painstakingly design each program for the family your kitten will join– small kids, other pets, travel, stay-at-home parents, 3rd shift jobs, you name it. By the time your kitten goes home, they are prepared and ready to take on anything you can throw at them. I pair the right personality with the right home, which may sometimes mean getting a kitten of a different color or gender than you previously had in mind. Why? Because at the end of the day, your kitten needs to be a perfect match for YOU, not your curtains!

Next, I breed for health. Since the inbreeding of the CFA wedge Siamese in the 1960′s, the Siamese breed has been rife with genetic diseases and disorders. I strive to breed these disorders and diseases OUT of the Siamese, getting back to the original genetic structure of the classic Siamese. This Siamese is one of the oldest (if not the actual oldest) breed and has hundreds of years of┬álongevity, so I hope to preserve this. What does this mean for you? It means that the kittens I produce are, to the best of my ability and knowledge, to be free of disease and defect, with expected lifespans of 18+ years. My kittens do not go home until 12 weeks and must be spayed/neutered by my veterinarian before they go home. New owners are responsible for this cost.

Lastly, I breed for appearance. Unlike many breeders, I feel this is last before personality and health. Of course, you can’t look at my litters and deny they are beautiful, elegant little creatures with grace and athleticism. I breed classic and traditional Siamese (sometimes called appleheads, although mine are more delicate in the head and body), but do not breed wedge heads of any kind.

I believe that a good breeder can show transparency in how their kittens are bred and raised. For this reason, I have a 24/7 live webcam in my nursery so you can see for yourself. I hide nothing from my owners because they have a right to be informed about their new family member. It also allows the new owners to become attached and get excited as the days countdown!

Please feel free to email or call with questions!

Planned Litters & Deposit Info

Go to our upcoming litters and deposits page!

Sacred Siamese Kitten Purchase Information

Purchase of a Sacred Siamese kitten includes:

  • TCA or CFA Registered, Purebred Siamese Kitten
  • Picture updates throughout kittenhood, a copy of these photos available upon request
  • 24/7 live webcast of your kitten from birth
  • A Royal Canin Starter Kit and Coupons (coupon availability varies)
  • 2 week-supply of Supplement Milk (if needed)
  • Toys from home
  • Handmade personal fleece blanket
  • Veterinary records
  • Registration papers
  • 3 generation pedigree
  • Bayer Microchip
  • Age appropriate vaccinations
  • Two year health guarantee against genetic diseases
  • Lifetime support from the breeder via phone and email, 24 hours a day

All of this comes to $900 and is worth the peace of mind knowing you will receive a well-socialized, healthy, gorgeous kitten.

More information can be found at the Kitten FAQ.