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I’ve gotten a flurry of emails and phone calls looking for kittens in the last few weeks, so I thought it best to make an announcement. All of our Spring litter has been sold and is in their in new homes, and we will not have another litter until the Fall (Kali by Zeus). Wait. No, Isis is due by Zeus on July 4th. But check out these babies anyhow!
HOWEVER! The Siamese Cat Rescue has kittens RIGHT NOW. One of the reasons we only breed in the winter is so that we don’t take adopters (like all of you wonderful people) away from perfectly wonderful kittens in shelters and rescues. Look at the babies we currently have! Not in your state? Don’t worry! We’ve got a huge network of transport volunteers to get your baby to you.

Seal and Snowshoe:

VA8543 2[1]VA8561 12[2]

Blue and Lilac:

VA8528 10[1]VA8528 8[1]

Lynx Points:

VA8564 4[1]VA8556 2[1]

Flame Points:

VA8549 11[1]Here’s what’s included for each cat:

Vet work provided

FeLV / FIV tested

Spaying or Neutering

Thorough Vet Exam

Vaccines (as required)


Treatment for fleas, earmites and worms

Blood work where necessary, and dentals for older cats

Lots and lots of love, behavior evaluation, and personality notes from each foster

Here’s how the Siamese Cat Rescue works, from

The adoption process for Siamese Cat Rescue Center (SCRC) is based on matchmaking, so the application process is twofold; first to ensure you are an appropriate home for one of our Siamese, and second, to gather information about your household and the cat you are looking to adopt so we can ensure that both you and the cat will be happy. While this process does take some effort to complete, the end result is a much higher likelihood for a successful adoption.

Since our program is so popular, the cats you currently see listed can many times be adopted out quickly (a good thing), therefore we ask you to not apply for a specific cat you see listed, as we wouldn’t want you to be disappointed if they were no longer available once you are approved to adopt from us. There are always new cats coming into our program every week, so we’re confident, with a little patience, we can find your perfect match.

Since our program covers such a large area, our application process is done online for the most part, so internet access is key to the application and adoption process.

Coverage Area and Adoption Fee

SCRC adopts cats to people in the eastern third of the US, from Florida to Maine and inland as far as Indiana and Missouri. Transport assistance is available and noted for each cat.

There is an initial $10 application fee, and the Adoption fees are $125 and includes all of the vet work listed below. We offer reduced rate adoptions for Senior Citizens ($100). Transportation across state lines will require a Health Certificate ($20) as well as a pet carrier. We sell new, quality carriers below our cost ($25)

Ready to Apply?

You can access the Adopters Application form here:


One Response to “Kittens!”

  1. Lynn says:

    My Precious Siamese Swan (torti-point) passed at age 19 in April.
    I am searching for a female Siamese kitten to love and help fill the hole in my heart.
    I found the lynx point most appealing, but would love to know who is available nearby my Columbus, OH home.