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Ching – Adopted!

Ching – Adopted!

Say hello to Ching, my newest foster through the Siamese Cat Rescue. For more information on how to adopt Ching, go to her adoption page.

Here’s her story:

Don’t I look so adorable in my geisha halloween costume? I know, I know. I told my foster mom that geishas are from Japan and my name is obviously Chinese, but she said “it’s Halloween!” I was rather tolerant of my costume, being the easy-going gal that I am.
My story is very sad. My loving human Dad fell very ill and passed away suddenly, so a friend took me in and tried to find me a new home. She was a very well-intentioned good Samaritan, but she had more needy animals than she could handle. As a result, when I came to my foster mom, I was very sick and covered in fleas, so I needed some TLC. I’m also rather overweight because the poor lady free fed us whatever she could afford. After some good medicine and a nice long spa day, I am better than ever! It’ll take a little while for the weight, but I’ve been loving this stuff they serve for dinner here!

I am a very YOUNG 5 years old. I love to play and I love to snuggle, I love to be with any humans at any time. I do have my claws but I only use the cardboard scratcher like a lady. I am perfect in the litterbox. I’m good with dogs and with other cats, no problems there. I can get a little over-stimulated when I am petted on the belly so not a good choice for little kids.
I am in need of a human who wants a constant companion, a lapcat or a bed warmer. I love to headbutt and I love to give face rubs with my face. Like nose kisses? I’m your girl. I also like to be held and cuddled! Could that be you?

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