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Halloween Escapades

Halloween Escapades

So.. every year we enjoy celebrating Halloween with our furry family members. (As none of us have small children any longer, we are forced to put our pets through humiliating circumstances.) The local humane society holds a huge Halloween Pet Parade complete with tons of prizes and is a huge fundraising event. Naturally, we like to support it in every way we can.

Three years running, Damian (the token Doberman) and I have won this contest and for 2010, we wanted to include the cats.

This year, Kate’s idea was to do Alice in Wonderland. So, Hercules was destined to be the Cheshire Cat. How does one accomplish this? With a lot of pink and purple (pet safe) hair dye.

Here it begins:

Needless to say, dyeing a very large and muscular stud cat wasn’t the easiest thing in the world. However, he was surprisingly well-behaved for the process. It only took two of us, after all.

The result?

Naturally, with Isis dressed in a custom-made Alice costume, the duo took “Most Colorful” and a huge basket of cat goodies.

The redhead in the pictures is Sara, who is a cattery assistant.

Why am I not in the pictures above?

Because I was winning with Damian… again:

(Damian as the Canine Cosmonaut.)


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