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About Us

Sacred Siamese is a small cageless cattery in Columbus, OH founded by me, Jamie. When I started my cattery in 2007, I brought to the table more than 15 years of animal experience as a third-generation breeder and handler. You could say that my entire life has spent in the company of companion animals as I’ve done conformation handling, CGC obedience, animal rescue, equestrian training and competition, veterinary medicine, and breeding of both dogs and cats. I transitioned in working primarily with Siamese in 2007 and haven’t looked back since. I have certified in a number of veterinary topics, such as dermatology, emergency care, canine and feline nutrition, grooming and general husbandry.

My philosophy on breeding is very simple: preserve the breed. I have been fascinated by animal genetics since I was a child as I mapped out the results of each collie litter and this passion only grew as I got older. I now take special care to maintain the “Old World” Siamese and I breed for personality, longevity, and supreme health. I also specialize in behavioral training for cats; so much so that people call me “the Cat Whisperer.”I believe that it is critical to raise kittens in the warmth of a family environment with proper socialization and training so they are ideal pets and companions.

Breeding is a very time-intensive and exhaustive commitment with an enormous responsibility to these tiny living creatures. It is a commitment I take very seriously, and strive to pair my kittens with their ideal forever homes. I believe that there is a symbiotic relationship between companion animals and their families, and this relationship must be nurtured to be kept strong. Only through proper placement and good chemistry can this occur.

I do not believe in mass breeding, and as such I only have 2-3 litters per year and only one at a time. This allows me to devote the necessary time and attention to each and every cat and kitten. My queens are kept in the lap of luxury, never caged, and are retired in 8 years or less.

I am also a proud volunteer for the Siamese Cat Rescue and assist in transport, intake evaluation, and fostering. I believe that you cannot truly be advocate for a breed if you do not assist in rescue efforts as well. I have been apart of many rescue organizations, but none have impressed me as much as the Siamese Cat Rescue.

I am also an advocate for the No Kill Nation and the No Kill Advocacy Center which strives for shelter reform and ending the mass killings that happen in our nation’s shelters each and every day.